You’ve undoubtedly seen the wonderful review of Volume One of The Soaring Engine in Soaring Magazine, January 2016 issue. Reading the review reminded me of how good a teacher you are – the best I’ve ever had in any subject (and the comparison group includes a lot of good teachers at Harvard, MIT, and Yale!). I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve taught me over the years about soaring.


Hi, I just purchased and read your book. Over the years I read many soaring books, but your book is by far the most practical of them all. I love to read your book, few words lots of content, good educational drawings. I can also use your book as a reference since it is so to the point. It is simply easy to review from time to time as opposed to the bloated books with lots of pages and content hidden somewhere. Please keep writing. I am waiting for the second volume. Please don’t change anything.


As a new glider pilot, next to my profession as an airline captain, I read your book with great interest. Question is, when can I expect the further volumes, as I believe your way of writing is excellent!


G Dale’s books help to spool-up newcomers and sharpen the skills and knowledge of experienced pilots. After many years of flying soaring competitions, I only wish I’d had an advance copy of this about 40 years ago, before it was published. 


Great book! I have waited a long time for this one. Congratulations!


I just finished reading Volume One in your series and wanted to say it was a fantastic read. I have just ordered volume two (From Wings and Wheels) and look forward to volume three. I have already recommended this book to a few others and I am sure it will become a popular read within the Tucson Soaring Club. 


The Soaring Engine

About 6,000 copies printed so far, over 5.5k sold!


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